Hosting Bandwidth

Last Updated 1/26/2021

ASP.NET Hosting Bandwidth is used to describe the amount of data that can be transferred to or from the ASP.NET website or Windows server, measured in bytes transferred over a prescribed period of time. This can be more accurately described as "Monthly Data Transfer."

ASP.NET website Monthly Data Transfer

You could easily calculate your ASP.NET website Monthly Data Transfer, it's just the Page/File size multiplied by the number of loads (views).

The web page site includes html, images, CSS, Ajax and JS files. You could check the web page size if you save it locally:

IE menu -> Page -> Save As -> Webpage, complete

However, uploaded/posted files (such as images, videos, music etc...) on the web site increase the bandwidth usage too.

The SP.NET Hosting Bandwidth Calculator will help you to estimate the monthly bandwidth usage. Take in mind that it's only estimation, because the results depend on your expectation about the Visitors(Hits) per month.

ASP.NET Hosting Bandwidth Calculator

Visitors(Hits) per month:

Web Page/File size (KB):

Total Montly Bandwidth (MB):

8 Bits = 1 Byte
1024 Bytes = 1 KiloByte(KB)
1024 KiloBytes(KB) = 1 MegaByte(MB)
1024 MegaBytes(MB) = 1 GigaByte(GB)
1024 GigaBytes(GB) = 1 TeraByte(TB)