ASP.NET Hosts Uptime Monitoring

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NOTE: The information is provided with a little delay. All websites are monitored with prior written permission from the respective owner.

* Customer - if the monitored website owner is Customer of the Web Hosting Company.
    Host - if the monitored website is owned by the Web Hosting Company.

Windows Hosting Uptime

Windows Hosting Uptime is a measure of the time a Windows Hosting Server has been "up" and running. It came into use to describe the opposite of downtime, times when a Windows Server was not operational. The uptime and reliability of Windows Server and communications facilities is sometimes measured in nines. "Five nines" means 99.999% availability, which translates to a total downtime of approximately five minutes and fifteen seconds per year.

It is often used as a measure of Windows Server operating system reliability and stability, in that this time represents the time a Server can be left unattended without crashing, or needing to be rebooted for administrative or maintenance purposes. Conversely, long uptime can indicate negligence, because critical updates can sometimes require reboots.

What is ASP.NET Hosts Uptime Monitoring?

ASP.NET Hosts Uptime Monitoring is a website monitoring service that helps webmasters ensure their websites Hosts are up and running at peak performance. The ASP.NET Hosts Uptime Monitoring service send out HTTP or HTTPS requests to the monitored website at regular intervals of time and alerts us if it is down.

When does ASP.NET Hosts Uptime Monitoring report a Windows Hosting Server as Unavailable?

An ASP.NET Host will be reported as Unavailable if:
Website is not accessible or HTTP Response code of the response is 4XX or 5XX.

Do you stop monitoring during Windows Hosts scheduled maintenance?

Yes. If we know about such we suspend monitoring and then activate once the maintenance is complete.

For ASP.NET Hosting providers and Webmasters

If you are Windows Hosting Company owner or Webmaster who has hosted site in ASP.NET Host (which is not listed above) and want to add your web site in our monitoring list, please Contact Us.