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Last Updated 8/27/2016

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ASP.NET Hosting and Windows Hosting at Top ASP.NET Hosting Providers - August 2016 ASP.NET Hosting and Windows Hosting at
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting

Why we choose Arvixe for the Best ASP.NET Web hosting provider?

Because Arvixe is Awards Winning Hosting Company providing the full range of Superior .NET hosting services including Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Reseller ASP.NET Web hosting at affordable prices. They support the latest .NET hosting features as ASP.NET 5/4.5, MVC 5, MS SQL 2014/2012 and Windows 2012 with IIS 8. Arvixe offer Unlimited Disk space, Data transfer and Email accounts with their shared hosting plans with combination of Free Domain, 24/7 U.S. Based Customer Support, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and more!

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WindowsHostingASP.NET Editors' Choice for:

  • #1 in Best Shared ASP.NET Hosting
  • #1 in Best VPS ASP.NET Hosting
  • #1 in Best Dedicated ASP.NET Hosting
  • #1 in Best Reseller ASP.NET Hosting
  • #1 in Best USA ASP.NET Hosting
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting

With more than 16 Years of web hosting experience, InterServer provide quality UNLIMITED ASP.NET web hosting, Windows VPS and Windows Dedicated servers. They support the latest .NET stack as ASP.NET 4.5, SQL 2012, Windows 2012 Server. You will also receive Unlimited MySQL DB & PHP 7 support. That is quality you can count on. If you are tired moving your website between ASP.NET hosts. They are the right choice for your business. They own an operate their own USA based data center. Offer 24/7 live support. And much more!

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WindowsHostingASP.NET Editors' Choice for:

  • #2 in Best Shared ASP.NET Hosting
  • #2 in Best VPS ASP.NET Hosting
  • #2 in Best Dedicated ASP.NET Hosting
  • #2 in Best Cloud ASP.NET Hosting
  • #2 in Best USA ASP.NET Hosting
Best ASP.NET Web Hosting

Meet the Fastest Cloud in the World! Take advantage of Codero powerful, on-demand Cloud ASP.NET hosting to boost the performance of your IT infrastructure. Multiple template options are available so you have the flexibility to customize instances based upon your needs. Rely on their Windows Cloud hosting to quickly scale and deploy IT assets when you need them, only paying for the resources you use. Their Cloud Windows hosting customers receive 100% Uptime Guarantee, Live 24/7/365 U.S. based customer support, and SSAE 16 Data Centers at Affordable price.

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WindowsHostingASP.NET Editors' Choice for:

  • #1 in Best Cloud ASP.NET Hosting
  • #3 in Best Dedicated ASP.NET Hosting
  • #3 in Best USA ASP.NET Hosting
ASP.NET Hosting and Windows Hosting at ASP.NET Hosting and Windows Hosting at

Top 10 reasons to host with our Top ASP.NET Hosting providers recommended list:

Windows Hosting ASP.NET A Rating

ASP.NET Web Hosting

An ASP.NET hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and business owners to provide their own ASP.NET website accessible via the Inernet.

Depending on the web hosting purpose there are business, eCommerce, personal and developer .NET hosting. Business Web hosting is targeting the (small) business needs and is used to host Companies or business oriented sites. Business hosting also could require SQL database support. eCommerce Web hosting is targeting the people which would like to sell products or services online and is used to host online stores. eCommerce hosting usually require SQL/Access database support, SSL (https) support and some third parties software as shopping carts. Personal Web hosting is targeting the people which would like to have personal web presence in Internet, and is used to host small personal or blog websites. Personal hosting could require SQL database support, as well as third party blogging software support as WordPress. Developer Web hosting is targeting the ASP.NET developers and is used to host new or beta projects in live environment. Developer hosting usually require support of the latest and beta technologies, SQL database support, some third party projects management software and also TFS support.

Find the best ASP.NET Hosting provider

Why do you look for a new commercial Windows Hosting Provider? Because you have created your new ASP.NET website, because you are not happy with your recent Web hosting company, because you would like to upgrade (need more resources) your recent Windows Web hosting services, or because you want to start a small Web hosting business.

In all of the above reasons what will be the best Windows Web hosting for you? The top ASP.NET host will give you the opportunity to focus on your main business, to provide better services for your web site visitors/customers, to have a better company Image, because fast and reliable Web hosting means stable and serious website, and it could also create an advantage over your competitors. Otherwise, if you choose poor Windows Web hosting services could be catastrophic for your business and you could also lose time and money to move your website to a new hosting company and pay for new hosting services.

There are many ASP.NET hosts that offer different types of services and technologies, but essential for the Customer is the value of these hosting services, which means that the ASP.NET Host should best suit all of his requirements!

Every Windows Host has advantages and disadvantages. Some .NET Hosts offer better Shared or Dedicated Web Hosting, others have excellent customer support or better prices. So remember that if some ASP.NET Host is the best for your requirements, it could be not for somebody else!

Top ASP.NET Hosting Providers list

Do you belive that there are top 10 .NET Web hosting companies?

You will not find top 10 ASP.NET hosts in our recommended list, because our experience shows that there are not so many quality Windows Web hosting companies. Our Top hosting providers list is created for the ASP.NET community, to help finding quality .NET hosting services and solutions.

The inclusion in the Top ASP.NET Hosting Providers list is not a right but privilege. Not every Windows Hosts could be listed there.

All of listed the top hosting providers are rated and tested by our experienced webmasters team. The evaluation process usually takes 2 to 4 weeks.

To keep the quality of the list only the best ASP.NET Web Hosting Providers will be published. The place in the best Windows Hosting providers list is not guaranteed! The Host which reduces the quality of the service will be excluded.

Best Windows Hosting Companies

Find and compare some of the Best Windows Web Hosting companies delivering the latest .NET Web Hosting technologies: